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Screening report 13.04.2009

Brian & Co. third screening was held in Sapporo, Hokkaido on Monday 13th April. I met the organiser Ikumi-san last summer in Sapporo when I joined the anti-G8 demo there.

Sapporo is very far from Tokyo. It takes one hour and half by aeroplane. So, I couldn't join the screening this time, but I asked Ikumi-san to talk with audiences over Skype on the screening day.

I set up my webcam which I got in the UK.
You can see the Japanese "Futon" (mattress) behind the webcam!

Unfortunately, my webcam didn't work (even the webcam's brand name is "Trust"!), so I could only chat with people without moving pictures. But it was OK and I was happy to talk with almost all audiences who attended the screening on that day. Normally, in a Q&A session, quite a few people hesitate to ask questions in front of others, but I could speak with one by one like telephone, so I could hear what they thought of my film and what they do in their daily lives.

I've never been to the place where the screening was held. I got pictures of the screening on the next day. I was impressed by the friendly atmosphere of the venue and also beautiful dishes. So, I do want to visit the place next time I go to Sapporo!

I asked the organiser Ikumi-san to write a screening report for this blog. So, you will see her report and photos later :-)


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