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[jp] A special evening with Nguyen Anh Thu! Screening + Talk

A special evening with Nguyen Anh Thu!
~Screening & talk event~

A Hanoi-based documentary filmmaker, Nguyen Anh Thu, is now in Tokyo. So we decided to have an event to see Anh Thu, and watch her short documentaries, know about her current film project “Zone 9”, and understand more about the Vietnamese art, documentary, society, politics, etc. You can't miss this great opportunity, please come and see Anh Thu!!
(Talk will be spoken in English with Japanese interpretation.)

Information in Japanese:

Date/time: Sunday, 17th August 18:00~
Venue: Cafe Lavanderia
Koyosha Building 1F, 2-12-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Entrance: Free (need 1 drink order) + donation for “Zone 9” film is highly appreciated !
No reservation needed.

Organized by Yumiko Hayakawa, Makiko Wakai

Zone 9 official website

Nguyen Anh Thu's profile
Coming back from 2 years of traveling extensively (New York City, Brazil, Jamaica to name a few), Nguyen Anh Thu has a strong desire to make documentaries conveying social issues and problems people have to face in her home country. To her, documentary is a powerful media which has not been used to its full potential to tell stories and spread social awareness in Vietnam. Her first film “When we were 20” won the first prize for documentary in 2009 by the “We are filmmakers” project and was screened at several universities in United States, including Yale, NYU and Princeton. Nguyen Anh Thu’s second short is about the influence of urbanization on a small village in Hanoi while her third film, which is now under post-production, explores a reforestation and conservation project in the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil.


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